Jhoan Rios Portfolio

About me

Hello my name is Jhoan Rios.
I am from Queens, New York.
I am currently studing at LaGuardia C.C. TechHire Program.
I was born in Medellin, Colombia. Came to the United State in 2007. love it here.
I really love watching buildings architecture and how they are changing over the years is something amazing especially the new Hudson Yards.
I have worked for the hospitality busnes for over 8 years, I started as a catering waiter until i move to fine dining restaurants throught the city of New York.
While working at my last reastaurant, I learn how to trade the market and is one of the passion that i really enjoyed the most. I study Core strategy, futures and options market at online trading academy in downtown brooklyn.

Past Experiences

Company Title Year Active
Colicchio & Sons. Waiter. 2014-2016
Kappo Masa. Waiter. 2016-2018
Self Employed. Waiter. Present.


  • Sports
  1. Handball
  2. Soccer
  3. Basketball
  4. Swimming
  • Activities
  1. Stand up comedy
  2. Dancing
  3. Eating out
  4. Tourism
  • Places i've visited
  1. New Jersey
  2. Connecticut (stamford)
  3. Washington DC,
  4. florida(miami, orlando)
  5. Nevada(Las Vegas)
  • Certifications
  1. U.S Passport.
  2. Driver License.
  3. CPR Certification.